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It may be a life-long dream, or an idea you’ve finally embraced after years of being single — whatever your situation — I bet somewhere in the depths of your mind you have a nagging, desperate feeling that marriage is never going to happen for you.

I know exactly how you feel.

I was single into my early 50’s — and an expert on being needy and desperate — but I changed all that. I’ve been married to the love of my life now for 11 years and I can help you do the same.

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Attract True Love Being Yourself

your authentic selfTo attract true love, being your authentic self is a necessity. But it’s not easy. You want to be authentic but you end up becoming more the person you think you’re expected to be.

Subconsciously you may take on the qualities you think a man wants you to have. This can happen without you being aware, making it hard for you to recognize.

Or you may choose consciously to present yourself the way you think a man wants you to be. In either case, it’s not always easy to separate what you’ve adapted from what is truly organic to who you are.

If you neglect to be your authentic self it’s only a matter of time until your true self is revealed. I learned the hard way [click to continue…]

10 Reasons You’re Not Getting What You Want From Men

what you want from menAre you a woman who’d rather stay quiet and go without, rather than ask a man for what you want? Sadly, you’re not alone.

Society raises women to think of other people first, so it’s no wonder we feel that our needs are not important.

If you don’t have the confidence to ask for what you want, doing so can seem as frightening or as painful as a root canal.

But if you don’t ask, how will you ever get what you need? It’s like hearing a constant “no.”

Any relationship, and especially marriage, requires the art of compromise. You have to express your needs if you’re going to create a life with someone. It’s the only way to take a relationship from “just dating” to “happily ever after”.

Don’t despair—you just have to learn what works. Once you do, you’ll actually enjoy expressing your wants and needs.

Here are 10 reasons you’re not getting what you want:

1. You’re not clear.

Before you ask a man for anything, be crystal clear about what you want. Express your need in a simple sentence; don’t make it complicated by over-explaining. If you’re straight forward, it will appeal to a man’s more logical mind and he’ll get a clear picture of what you’re asking for.

2. You don’t know why you want it.

If you don’t know why you want what you want, you won’t make a good argument for your case. You have to give him clear and concise reasons so it makes sense to his (once again) logical mind.

3. You’re indirect and wishy-washy.

Don’t beat around the bush. It’s okay to  Continue Reading>>>

Truth Bomb: If He Wanted To Be With You, He Would!

if he wanted to be with youLie to yourself all you want, it’s not hard to tell if he cares.

It’s a simple idea, right? Even an obvious one, but I admit … I just didn’t get it.

Christopher had strung me along for 2 years. I lived in LA and he was in San Francisco. We were an hour apart by air, or 6 hours by car, yet we’d only seen each other twice in that time. It seems crazy now, but back then, it made sense. Well, the truth is I made it make sense. I convinced myself that he was my soul mate and that all I needed was patience and he’d soon come around. There may have been some abandonment issues I was not facing in that scenario.

This is only one of the relationship mistakes I made: waiting for Christopher. I made a few more, all because I desperately wanted my search for love to be over already; I was tired of being single. In my need to make Christopher “the one”, I lost my common sense. I went into a state of denial and stayed there far too long.

Here’s how I created this painful situation for myself.

I let other people’s influence keep me hanging on.

I was desperate to be loved so, anytime my better judgment tried to get my attention I would shut it down. Rather than

Read more >>>

A MUST READ About Marriage And Relationships!

marriage adviceHi ladies.

Usually I only post articles I’ve written, but not today. I’m going to share with you an article I found on Huffington Post that got over 345,000 shares on Facebook, so maybe you saw it?

I’m giving you the link because it’s one of the most truthful articles I’ve read on marriage and can be applied to any serious relationship you’re in.

With all the advice out there (including mine) this article stands out to me as a MUST READ!!!

“The 9 Most Overlooked Threats To Marriage”


If You Can’t Stop Thinking Of Him

thinking of himHe’s made it clear he’s moved on. He’s in a new relationship and stopped all contact.

You feel empty; all happiness has been sucked out of your life. You know you should let it go, you should move on and forget him. But you can’t stop thinking of him.

The more you try to not think about him the more you do. Then you swing back on yourself knowing it’s wrong to be doing that. What’s the matter with you? Soon you’re in a downward spiral of self-blame.

Putting your attention on trying not to think about someone is the same as thinking about them. It’s another way you’re still investing your energy and giving them attention. It’s a vicious circle that seems impossible to change.

If you don’t stop the obsessive thoughts you can end up spending months and even years focusing on someone other than yourself and hating yourself for it. This will cause you more than just wasted time; it will rob you of your confidence. This is what it means to give your power away.

There are tools you can use to change your obsessive thoughts and stop beating yourself up for having them. They entail taking action on your behalf. These actions will lead you towards yourself and away from him.

Here are 3 tools you can use to stop thinking of him:

1. Take control of your thoughts. This is the only way change will happen. Any change you want to make in life requires that you first change your thinking. To do that you have to start practicing self-control. You can’t let your habitual thought patterns continue. You’ll have to stop focusing on the past (what was) and stay out of the future (what could have been).

The key to making this work is that whenever [click to continue…]

Healing Your Heart After A Breakup

after a break up“Love in your mind produces love in your life. This is the meaning of Heaven.”
― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

It’s not easy to extend love when you’re not being loved in return. We can be selfish creatures, unwilling to love unless we know that love will come back to us.

So after a breakup, especially one we don’t want, it’s a challenge to stay in a loving place. It’s a choice we can make, but it goes against all our instincts.

It’s a natural reaction to want to strike back when a man withdraws his love from us. We want to lash out and inflict the pain we’re feeling back onto him. We will blame him and curse him. We’ll call him heartless, cold and immature. We do all this and more to defend ourselves from the pain of rejection.

We attempt to appease our feelings by attacking, believing we’ll at least feel better if we’re not alone in our misery. When they withdraw their love we react by doing the same to them. The old “tit for tat.”

The truth of this strategy is that it is the easy way out. All this does is take us away from love and make us miserable. We forget any good we had in the past and call everything

[click to continue…]