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It may be a life-long dream, or an idea you’ve finally embraced after years of being single — whatever your situation — I bet somewhere in the depths of your mind you have a nagging, desperate feeling that marriage is never going to happen for you.

I know exactly how you feel.

I was single into my early 50’s — and an expert on being needy and desperate — but I changed all that. I’ve been married to the love of my life now for 15 years and I can help you do the same.

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From the Blog

The Importance of Respect In Your Relationships

The importance of respect in your relationshipsWe all know infidelity and financial woes are a major cause of breakups and divorces, but the lack of respect in your relationships can be just as harmful.

Respect is the glue that binds every strong and loving relationship. And for men especially respect is essential. Like an aphrodisiac, it turns them on and lights them up.

Disrespect is insidious and we can be unaware we’re doing it. The most common way it shows up is when we feel we have to change a man; when in our mind we make him wrong. When this is our prevalent thought it shades the way we see him and react to him.

We question his choices and his thinking and make him wrong. We judge him and criticize his behavior. We believe we’re right and he just doesn’t know better. We do this because he doesn’t think or behave the way we do — but he’s not supposed to!

We disrespect a man when we say things like, “How could you do that? What were you thinking? I told you so! How could you be so stupid?”

If a man said these things to you how would you feel? I don’t know about you but it would make me feel like a child, like I was being accused of being a “bad little girl.”

When we make our man feel like “a bad little boy” he’ll Continue>>>

How To Stop Dreading The Holidays

dreading the holidaysAre you dreading the holidays? You feel the all too familiar pressure of trying to be jolly as a wave of sadness fills your heart. You can’t help but think, “Oh please not another holiday without someone to love at my side!”

Here it is again, another year has passed and you’re alone. But actually, you’re not.

They’re 28 million single women over 35 in the US and many of them are feeling just like you. They’re hearts are heavy at the thought of what’s coming.

You may relate to my client Sammie. Sammie’s 45 and she’s dreading the holidays. She’s going to her family gathering this year, once again, without a partner at her side. Of her 4 siblings, she’s only one single and without children. To her dismay, every year her parent’s house is filled with more children and less adults.

She knows her family is sensitive to her situation, each person has their own opinion as to why she is alone year after year.

Whether they feel embarrassed for her or even compassion, none of it feels good. What hurts Continue>>>

3 Tips On How To Prepare For A Big Talk

how to prepare for a big talkThere’s no way to avoid having a Big Talk with your partner at some point in your relationship. It will happen more for some of us than others, but whether you’ve been together 40 years or a couple of weeks it’s going to be a challenge and cause you stress.

A Big Talk is never easy. We naturally know what we want the outcome to be but there’s no way we can predict how our partner will react. After all we wouldn’t be having the Big Talk unless there was something important we’ve held on to and not expressed or shared.

Here are 3 tips to make your Big Talk a success.

1. Do not have the talk until you feel calm and confident. You must be free of anger or blame or you’ll trigger the same in your partner. If you portray yourself as a victim he will get defensive because that’s making him the “bad guy.” He won’t hear what you’re trying to tell him. You must be open to what your partner tells you without making him wrong. I will repeat that. You must be open to what your partner tells you without making him wrong.

2. Believe in what you have to say or don’t say it. Unless you’re ready to stick up for yourself you better not get into a Big Talk. Backing down or changing your position because of fear of his reaction or losing him makes you Continue>>>

Put Down The Book And Listen To Yourself First

listen to yourselfIf I had taken to heart the many relationship books I read and followed their “rules,” I wouldn’t be married today. I’m sure you’ve read them, too, the books that tell you that if he hasn’t proposed by the end of the first year, dump him!

When I was single I was hungry for advice about relationships. I went to seminars and must have read over 100 “how to” books on love. Because I didn’t meet my husband until I was 46 my search went on for years. For all that time I felt like a leaf blowing in the wind at the mercy of the many opinions I was taking in.

I not only tried to find my way through books but I consulted my share of psychics and astrologers. Like most single women, I had the best intentions; I wanted to find out how to meet and marry the right man for me.

But as I got older and matured I realized that Continue>>>