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Finding Mr. Right

Put Down The Book And Listen To Yourself First

If I had taken to heart the many relationship books I read and followed their “rules,” I wouldn’t be married today. I’m sure you’ve read them, too, the books that tell you that if he hasn’t proposed by the end of the first year, dump him! When I was single I was hungry for advice [...]


Shake Things Up To Find Love

Love won’t necessarily walk into your life if you only do things that are comfortable for you. To find love, it requires that you step outside your comfort zone and take a risk. Lets face it, falling in love is a step into the unknown. Our daily life, with it’s routine and familiarity, can actually [...]

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How To Find A Good Man To Marry? Use Your Common Sense

To find a good man to marry you need more than luck; it requires common sense. When you fall in love, your good judgment can fly out the window. I know, I was an expert at turning off my brain and going strictly by instinct when it came to men. As I explain in “It’s Never [...]

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When I Paid A Psychic To Find A Husband

When I was 42, I thought I’d met the love of my life. But at that time, all new relationships made me anxious and insecure. I’d been disappointed in love so many times that I started second guessing my choices in men. I hoped Christopher would be different. He was my age, and like me [...]