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Are You Letting Confusion Ruin Your Love Life?

If you’re getting more confused about the status of your love life as time passes, it’s a big red flag. But it’s not about him, it’s about YOU. You’re probably asking yourself, “Have his feelings changed? Why is he doing that? What is he thinking? Does he still love me?” All this thinking is so just so confusing right? You [...]


The Secret To Falling In Love With You

Remember the heady feeling that takes over you when you fall for a new man? The thrill of knowing that someone you’re interested in actually wants and desires you? Suddenly, all sense of not being good enough vanishes and you feel whole again. You feel a sense of confidence in yourself that you think will [...]


Get Real To Get Love

If you don’t know who you are, you’re in danger of becoming what a man wants you to be. This was one of the biggest challenges I had to meet before I could find true love. It’s really about knowing your value as a woman. It’s about being aware of what you bring to the table [...]


Why Getting Older Is Better Than You Think

It’s impossible not to be aware of women trying to look younger than their years. We go to the movies and our favorite stars look strangely unfamiliar. Actresses we’ve enjoyed watching over time suddenly lose their unique look that made us fall in love with them. We see a face that hasn’t changed in 30 [...]