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Single Life

Do You Have Room For Love In The New Year?

Unless we make room for love in our lives, which means making love a priority, it will stay a distant stranger. I know this because I recently went through a period where I forgot about love and ended up with fear taking over my thinking. When I realized how unhappy I was, and recognized I [...]


How To Stop Dreading The Holidays

Are you dreading the holidays? You feel the all too familiar pressure of trying to be jolly as a wave of sadness fills your heart. You can’t help but think, “Oh please not another holiday without someone to love at my side!” Here it is again, another year has passed and you’re alone. But actually, you’re not. [...]


13 Tips to Quickly Stop Being Single

Are you afraid you’ll never have the right man in your life, a man who loves and cherishes you? Do you long for a man who wants to commit to you fully and actually marry you? If he hasn’t show up yet it may be because you’re unknowingly keeping love away. Just making a small [...]


Still Single? If You Exist So Does He!

Because of what I do, the majority of women I talk to are still single after trying to find the right man to marry for years. They’re discouraged and most of them are afraid they’ll never meet the love they’re longing for.  They lose faith that it’s ever going to happen for them as they see [...]

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