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Dating Advice

3 Tips On How To Prepare For A Big Talk

There’s no way to avoid having a Big Talk with your partner at some point in your relationship. It will happen more for some of us than others, but whether you’ve been together 40 years or a couple of weeks it’s going to be a challenge and cause you stress. A Big Talk is never [...]


What To Do When He Goes From Hot To Cold

There’s a time in most relationships when a man suddenly goes from hot to cold. He’ll seem to be more distant as if he’s starting to pull away. This change can throw us into a panic, making us feel insecure just when things were beginning to feel so good. It’s common to interpret this change [...]


Why You Should Consider That Second Date

If your first date with a man is only mildly interesting and leaves you feeling rather blah, you may be tempted to write him off and move on. Beware: this might be a dating mistake that could affect the rest of your life. First dates are deceiving. You may decide within the first 10 minutes [...]


The Mistake You Make When He Loses Interest

Virginia, I can’t believe what I just did! Steven texted me last night, “I miss you” and that’s all he wrote. So I texted back “I don’t believe you, why haven’t I heard from you in 3 days??? What’s going on???” I haven’t heard from him all day and I just want to die, I’ve [...]