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Subconscious Patterns

Negative Thoughts That Sabotage Your Relationships

It’s not unusual to have negative thoughts about men, many women do. It’s one of the most prevalent ways to sabotage your relationships. If you’ve been through a bad break-up, had a man cheat on you or lie about himself, you may have built up resentments about men that you’re not even be aware of.  You [...]


What You Can Learn From A First Kiss

Today I thought it would be fun to share a section from my book, “It’s Never Too Late To Marry: How to Have the Man and The Marriage of Your Dreams.” Let it lead you to explore your first interactions with men, there may be a gold mine of information waiting for you to discover!  [...]


How To Manifest True Love Quickly

I know many of you are struggling trying to find true love. It’s a quest that can seem so random and allusive. The hard part is that it feels as though you’ve absolutely no control over when or how it will happen. Most of life is like that, we go along and then something unexpected [...]

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Your Hidden Obstacles To Love

One of the biggest obstacles to love I encountered when I was single was of my own making. It was my unwillingness to change. The truth is, I desperately wanted my life to be different but I didn’t want to change myself to make that happen. I was kind of hoping it would change without [...]