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Dating Mistakes: 3 Reasons to Stop Seeing Him

uneasy talk, dating mistakesIt’s a fact that most of you will have to date before you meet the man you’re going to marry.

Maybe you feel like I felt. I had a really hard time with this, I didn’t want to date. I rebelled against it by refusing to put myself out into that world. After all, when I was younger, I just seemed to “fall into relationships” and there was no formal dating involved. I expected (and hoped) that would continue.

But as I got older, it no longer happened that way. I ended up not having contact with eligible men for long periods of time. It just wasn’t as easy to meet men anymore.

So I was forced to give in and start the dating process. I joined a dating service, but I did so with a great deal of reluctance. I had no confidence in my ability to date. In fact, I was not good at dating, I made a multitude of dating mistakes and it became more evident when I only had first dates and no second ones.

If I had learned a few common sense “rules of dating” I would have had a much better time of it. Here are 3 dating mistakes that will save you a lot of time and heartache. If you can avoid them, it will greatly improve your ability to meet and recognize the right man for you.

My top 3 Dating Mistakes: Reasons to stop seeing him!

1. Don’t let sexual attraction run the show! You know what I’m talking about. You’re not feeling attracted to a man so you write him off before you even get to know him or see what it’s like to kiss him. Or you’re so attracted to him that you break all your rules about what you will and won’t do and let your body take over. You get sexual too quick and loose your sense of perspective and your integrity in process.

2. Don’t allow a man to give you crumbs! If the man you are dating is not treating with respect he’s wasting your time and you need to move on. Here are some of the ways crumbs show up in dating: making plans with you at the last minute, asking you to pay for yourself on the first date, making you go out of your way to meet him, disregarding your preferences for food or entertainment, not showing you a good time other than getting you in bed.

3. Don’t date a man who tries to control you! At first it may seem flattering that he’s so concerned about you, but it can turn dangerous. Men who want to control usually start out slow but the controlling behavior escalates in time. Here are some ways that controling shows up. He starts to change how you dress for your dates, including how you wear your hair and makeup. He’ll be critical of your friends and family hoping to have more influence over you and have you all to himself. He’ll start to dictate what you should eat and how much you drink. He’ll “check in” many times a day, making sure you’re where you said you’d be. He gets jealous and possessive for no reason.

Be kind to yourself. You weren’t born knowing how to kiss a man, save money or drive a car. You’re going to make dating mistakes until you learn how to date successfully. If you can avoid these 3 mistakes you’ll be much better off and leave yourself available to meet the right man for you.

Learn more in “It’s Never Too Late to Marry,” Chapter 8: Date For You

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