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Is It Love?

3 Ways To Know If He Really Loves You

“He loves me, he loves me not.” Do you remember playing this game when you were young? Think of all the daisies that had their petals torn off by girls (like myself) asking this all-important question. It’s a haunting refrain that continues to be asked by women of every age; how to know if he [...]


The 3 Best Qualities Of True Love

You’ve probably thought you were experiencing true love more than a once, only to find what you were feeling was the need to feel wanted or special. I went through this a lot when I was younger. I wouldn’t say what I was feeling at the time wasn’t love, but it just wasn’t a love that could last [...]


Are You Falling In Love Too Fast?

Dear Virginia, I’m 39, never been married & I don’t have children. Up to this point I understand that I’ve picked men who are unsuitable & I have certainly learned what I don’t want. However, I’ve been dating a man for only a month, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt such an attraction [...]


A MUST READ About Marriage And Relationships!

Hi ladies. Usually I only post articles I’ve written, but not today. I’m going to share with you an article I found on Huffington Post that got over 345,000 shares on Facebook, so maybe you saw it? I’m giving you the link because it’s one of the most truthful articles I’ve read on marriage and can be [...]