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Love Your Self-Destructive Behavior Away

We have all have some self-destructive behaviors that we struggled to change. But why is it so hard? What makes them hang on so tenaciously?

Your “bad” behaviors are a distraction and they help you to suppress and avoid your unwanted emotions. I understand that sometimes you would rather not feel, but at some point you have to acknowledge you’re feelings so you can take care of yourself. Bad behaviors can become a habit and then they turn into a substitute for love, comfort and gratification.

Here are some great ways to give yourself some “love” that are natural and ultimately much more satisfying for your soul.

1. Breathe deeply; go outside, open your windows, take a walk through the neighborhood.
2. Connect with a friend that might need to hear from you. Check in with someone who you know has been going through a hard time.
3. Clean out the old; clothes, toys, electronics, paperwork. Recycle or give things away to charity.
4. Shop at your farmer’s market; meet the people who grow the food and enjoy preparing and eating the seasonal produce.
5. Take a drive or a bike ride; explore an area where you’ve never been. A change of scene will open your eyes to new possibilities.
6. Make something; a necklace, a painting, a scarf, a loaf of bread.
7. Daydream; listen to music, meditate, or nap in the middle of the day.
8. Ask for help! If you need support, ask God, your coach, a friend, your mother. Don’t be afraid of looking weak or needy; we all need someone or something to lean on in times of trouble.

As you take care of yourself emotionally, your self-destructive behaviors will diminish, and you may find they even disappear.

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