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Would You Like To Be Married To You?

Have you ever thought about what would it be like to be married to you?

You can bet that a man you’re dating is asking himself whether you are right for him, and you may be surprised by how he sees you. It’s easy to get so caught up trying to determine if the man you’re with is good marriage material that you forget to turn the question around on yourself. That was me, but finally got wise and took a good look at myself. As it turned out I wasn’t all that great company.

A man might be asking himself what you would be like to come home to every night. So ask yourself the same question.

It’s hard to see yourself clearly, but you can reflect on your usual disposition even if you live alone. Is your tendency is to be self-centered negative or moody? Have you fallen into the habit of complaining about your life or making judgments about other people?Have you lost a sense of spontaneity and feel the need to control what’s going on and have things your way?

Are you available to and open to leaving the day behind, or do you tend to be self-involved and distracted at the end of the day?

According to Dr. Phil, a marriage should be your “safe place to fall,” and it’s a good idea to start practicing being that for a man now, before you’re married. In fact, can you imagine how great the world would be if we could bring that sensibility to everyone!

How do you know if you are looked on as good wife material? Well most likely you’re not if you are in a relationship where you:

1. Constantly complain about your man’s bad behavior and try to convince him to change it.

2. Use your emotions (pout, be sad and teary) to manipulate him into feeling badly so he will do what you want.

3. Constantly use him as a sounding board to talk about your problems at work or with your friends.

4. Nag at him often about how he looks, dresses or behaves.

If this is you, then you’re not practiced at being that “safe place to fall.” Consider how much you would appreciate having that safe place with the man in your life and you can bet that he’s feeling the same way.

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