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Put a ring on it! Beyonce’s Not Afraid to Say I Want to Get Married

Beyonce, I want to get marriedAre you, like Beyonce, looking for a man to “put a ring on it?” You’re certainly not alone; but maybe like many women, you’re ashamed to admit it. You can want to get married but not do what is needed to make it happen.

My client Marsha’s boyfriend recently brought up the subject of marriage in conversation. He told her about a friend’s wedding and then went on to reveal that the wedding he saw in his future would be small and intimate.

This presented the perfect opportunity for them to begin a discussion on marriage. But instead she found herself unable to say anything in return except a hesitant, Me too.

She was afraid to say anything more. The thought of him knowing how much she wanted to get married made her feel ashamed and desperate. She was embarrassed for him to know what she wanted, sure that he would see her as needy.

He certainly wasn’t afraid to bring up the subject, so why did the idea of even talking about marriage make her feel so insecure and frightened?

As she worked her way through her confusion she came to an important realization — she was afraid to admit what she really wanted because she didn’t believe she deserved it. She was protecting herself from getting her hopes up and being disappointed.

How many times have you, like Marsha, said to yourself I want to get married but found yourself holding back in some way? You can be sabotaging your dream of marriage by picking the wrong men or giving up and not making an effort.

You have to take your desire seriously and not be ashamed. You have it for a reason. You have to make it important enough for you to pursue it fully without doubt.

If marriage is what you want say it with 100% conviction: I want to get married!

You can’t worry what a man, or anyone will think. To manifest what you want, you have to believe you can.

Life won’t hand you much on a silver platter — most of the time you have to ask for what you want. If there’s a reason you’re not fully invested in your dream of marriage, if you’re ashamed or feeling unworthy, do the work you need to change it. Don’t stop until you’re fully behind your desire.

There’s a reason Beyonce’s song is so popular; it’s bold and it’s honest. She’s not afraid to let it be known: “I want to get married, so put a ring on it!”

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