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Dating Tips

Your relationship with your future husband will most likely start with a date. If you take the act of dating too lightly or don’t learn how to do it well, you are making it harder for you to meet “Mr. Right.”

It’s a fact that to get good at something you have to practice. You need to practice at sports, cooking or learning a new language, and it’s the same with dating. If you don’t practice, you will end up putting too much importance on each date and you will end up feeling disappointed and discouraged every time a date doesn’t workout.

The way you can begin to practice is to say “yes” to dating more often. The biggest mistake you can make is declining to go out with a man because in your rush to judgement, you have decided that a man is not your type. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard women complain “the only men who ask me out are the ones I’m not attracted to.”

Turning down dates with men who are reasonable prospects but don’t excite you at first glance will work against you. Every date has something to offer you in the form of a new experience. Each man will give you another way of learning about yourself and the opportunity to stretch past your comfort zone.

If you put too much importance on a first date or if you expect to know if a man will be your future husband by the end of a three-hour meeting, you are doing yourself a disservice.

If this is you, I know that when you date you are not being relaxed or being your authentic self.

The more you date and get comfortable being with all kinds of men, the more you will see dating in its proper perspective. Many women end up marrying men who they did not consider their type, myself included!

When you can be totally comfortable going out with a man just for the experience of getting to know someone new, then you will be able to fully enjoy dating – and more importantly — you will be available to meet the man who’s really right for you.

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