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“Bridesmaids” A Great ChicK Flick-Good For Men Too!

If you need a good laugh I suggest you go see the movie “Bridesmaids.” You will relate to many of the romantic entanglements of the women portrayed no matter what you’re history.

This movie shows how marriage isn’t such a great thing UNLESS you are married to the right man. Most of the women in this movie are not — and you can see the results of being part of an unhappy couple.

The movie also portrays the frustration of what it’s like being with a man “who is just not that into you.” For example, how familiar is the insecurity you feel the first time you wake up with a man in the morning without your make-up? Or the humiliation of knowing that you are not special enough “to stay the night.”

This film will most likely give you an ah-ha moment or two. It will also give you the opportunity to laugh at yourself (in a good way). It’s a great reminder not to take yourself too seriously and to enjoy your little quirks, after all, no one is perfect. The women in this film all have flaws but you empathize with them; they are just trying for their piece of happiness.

Anther theme in the film is the the importance your women friends have in your life. It can’t be emphasized enough. Studies have shown that women who have close women friends live longer and get sick less often.

No matter what you’re situation right now, why don’t you make a date with your girl friend to see this movie. I promise you, you’ll have a great time.

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