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How To Get A Man To Change

And How To Keep Your Sanity When He Won’t!

I hear a lot of complaints from frustrated women asking how to get a man to change. Even when they’re in an established relationship they still want know what they can do to get what they want.

Their complaints are different but they all revolve around men who don’t do what’s asked of them — either because they don’t want to or they can’t.

Here are some common examples:

“Why won’t Rob stop texting and call me more? I’ve told him a hundred times I NEED to hear his voice but he either forgets or just doesn’t do it.”

“How do I get Dan to care about time? It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie, a doctor’s appointment or just lunch, he’s always late. I told him how important being on time is to me. Why won’t he do this one thing?”

“Martin promised to clean up after himself. It lasted a few days. He drops his clothes and towels on the floor and leaves a mess wherever he goes. He doesn’t even see it! I just can’t stand it any more.”

How do these women get a man to change?

All three have the same problem; they keep asking their men for something THEY’RE NOT GOING TO GET!

Why? Because each of these men KNOW what is wanted from their mate and yet they won’t do it.

Whether it’s because they don’t want to or can’t it doesn’t matter, they’ve shown that they’re not going to “give in.”

So what do I advise women in this situation? I tell them to accept “the package” that is Rob, Dan, or Martin. To think of the men they know so well and to say to themselves this is “the package” they come in.

Rob’s package doesn’t like to talk on the phone. Dan’s package doesn’t care about time. Martin’s package doesn’t value order.

When you chose the man you choose “the package.” This will help you to be more objective about them and more truthful with yourself. Then you can decide what package you can tolerate over time or not.

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