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Give Yourself A Break

give yourself a break

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

There are times when we all need a change of scene. Even when you’re in a relationship, it’s essential to leave your comfort zone together and have some new experiences out in the world.

When you’re faced with the unknown, a new place, a new culture or a change in your usual routine, it’s an opportunity to find out more about who you are,singly or as a couple. Many of us set up our lives subconsciously so that we feel in control. We shop at the same stores, drive or walk the same routes and do the same weekly activities.

Breaking out of our patterns is a way we can get to know ourselves on a deeper level. And having an adventure that isn’t predictable prepares us for the unpredictability of love. When we are challenged to show up in new ways, we can learn to trust ourselves and our ability to let in new things and handle them.

We all need to “take a break” from the ordinary so we can make room for the extraordinary. It is an essential part of self-care that will give you new ideas, a deeper understanding of yourself and a wider perspective of your life experience.

I’ll be doing that for the next two weeks by traveling to the beautiful Central American country of Guatemala. I’ve never been there and I don’t speak the language. And, yes, I do get nervous before traveling. Let’s face it, most of us probably have the same thought before getting on a plane, “Will I be coming back? Will I ever see my home again?”

The answer is we don’t know. But I’ve found in my travels that once I arrive at my destination all fears disappear and I am swept away in new experiences.

If you feel stuck and uninspired, if you feel hopeless and lonely, I urge you to give yourself an adventure. It will take you out of yourself and open your mind to new possibilities.

I look forward to coming back from my two weeks of travel, refreshed and ready to continue the work I love with a new depth and enthusiasm.

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