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Are You Wasting Time In Your Relationship?

wasting time in your relationship

5 Warning Signs Your Relationship Might Not Last

Relationships start with strong mutual attraction and the expectation of a future together. Hopes are high that we’ve found our Mr. Right and the feeling is intoxicating. But you may be wasting time in your relationship.

After a strong start it can be hard to recognize when things start to subtly change. The relationship feels different and you start to ask yourself, is this relationship going to last?

Here are some warning signs that you may be wasting your time:

1. You start to see inconsistencies in his behavior and experience occasions of lying and deceit.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship; without it love can’t mature and grow. If you accept excuses for lying and rationalize bad behavior you’re asking for more of the same and you’ll get it.

2. You feel like you’re putting in all the effort and he’s just going along with your plan.

We tell ourselves men don’t act the way we do in relationships so we let their lack of effort slide. But strong and loving relationships require that both partners participate fully. Each person has to take equal responsibility and commit totally to the growth of the relationship.

3. You feel clingy and insecure around him even though he says everything is OK.

We’re masters at ignoring our intuition, especially when it’s telling us something we don’t want to hear. We’ll believe what a man tells us is true while we ignore his actions that say otherwise. We override our inner knowing because of fear (making us cling) and end up doubting ourselves and our value.

4. You’ve stopped talking about the future and just deal with the present.

The nature of a lasting relationship is that it grows stronger with time. You should have a shared vision for your future together, as family, with children or not. You should also have a plan for how to make that happen as a couple, together.

5. You feel a sense of settling and disappointment in your relationship

It’s natural to have doubts about our partner, after all none of us is perfect and we won’t always agree. But those times of doubt should be few and far between. If you begin to question your feelings for your partner more frequently it’s a sign that something isn’t right between you.

The time you’ve spent with the wrong man is never wasted, you learn from the experience. It’s only wasted time when you know it’s going nowhere and you do nothing about it.

And until you make the move out of a dead-end relationship you won’t be available for your happily ever-after man.

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