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When He Doesn’t Call — And You’re Married to Him!

husband, trust, when he doesn't callMy husband recently went to Los Angeles on an overnight business trip. I dropped him at the airport at 6:00 AM for his early flight and looked forward to a night alone at home wearing my ugly-comfy clothes and watching a chick flick on TV.

I expected to hear from him when he landed but I didn’t. I knew he had a busy day ahead so I let it go and went on with my day.

But by 9:00 PM that night I still hadn’t heard from him. I knew he had planned to go to bed early at the hotel, so I wasn’t sure I should call him. I didn’t want to wake him up in case he was really tired.

I then had to make a decision, should call him or not? I decided to text him instead; it would be less intrusive in case he was asleep.

I first wrote, “Where are you? Surprised I haven’t heard from you.” But it didn’t feel right, it sounded a little angry and I really wasn’t.

What was I feeling? It wasn’t the out-of-control worry and anxiety of my younger years. What a difference to feel so calm.

I knew what I felt; I was disappointed that he hadn’t thought to contact me. Maybe he thought his trip was so short he didn’t need to say “hi.” But, I thought he should’ve at least called.

Then my mind started to do its thing. I wondered if maybe something was going with him, that maybe he was out enjoying himself.That didn’t make me feel good at all so I decided not to continue with that line of thinking. I wasn’t going to get anxious and worried over this. I was going to stay positive. I know my husband loves me and I trust him, period.

I decided to go to bed, but before turning in I decided to text him — I needed to connect with him. I wanted to tell him how I was feeling.

I used my term of endearment for him and texted: “Hey puppy, Miss you! The Mrs”

At 1:00 AM the phone rang. Half asleep I picked it up. It was him. He was calling from the hospital at UCLA. Turns out he was lying on a gurney in the hallway. He had been stricken with acute food poisoning when he got off the plane and had to be taken to the emergency room.

He was so sick (from grabbing a fast food chicken sandwich before his flight) that he had to be covered with six heated blankets even though he was running a fever. There were no beds available so they had him out in a hallway for 9 hours. The walls were so thick there was no cell reception and he couldn’t call.

Then he had finally been moved to another hallway where he could finally call. The worst was over and he was being discharged, he knew I’d be concerned so he decided to wake me up.

A learned through this that I really appreciate being older and wiser. I could have put myself through hell like the old days, feeling angry and jealous when he didn’t call. But I trust what I know about my husband and I know the benefit of staying positive.

When trouble comes there’s plenty of time to be upset, don’t get all bent of shape until there’s a real reason.

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