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What Men REALLY Want

What Men Really Want, Would You Like To Know What Men Really WantWhat is it that men really want from a woman? There’s so much conflicting information on this topic that women become frustrated and confused. Even so, the desire to know the answer pulls woman in like a carrot dangled in front of a hungry horse.

But there’s a danger to getting this question answered; it preys on the belief that if you knew what men really want, you could give it to them and they would like you.

There’s nothing wrong with asking the question, but how you apply the answer in your relationships is all important. I’ve talked to countless women who are trying to figure out what men really want so they can get a man to fall in love with them. They start to strategize what they will say and how they will act to please and appeal to a man’s sensibilities. This is not necessarily a wrong thing to do, but if it’s taken to an extreme and you start to change who you are and how you show up in a relationship, it will rob you of an authentic connection with a man.

When you think about it, how alike are all women in their thinking and their reactions? When you look at your women friends, are they all attracted to the same kind of man? Do they all react the same way when they’re upset or angry? No, some of them shut down and withdraw when they’re upset while others look for a fight and become loud and demanding.

When you approach a man as a unique human being without assuming he has attitudes and ways of behaving that you already know, you’ll have a greater chance at making a deep connection with him.

What men really want: To be accepted for who they are

This whole topic brings me back to when I was in my 20’s and studying astrology. The first thing I wanted to do when I met a man who interested me was to ask his birthday and draw up his chart. Then with my limited knowledge of the astrological signs, I would make certain assumptions of what he would be like to date, what he’s be like as a lover and what he would want in a woman.

This never worked. I’d be reading about what men really want who are Scorpios or Virgos.  I was giving them attributes and qualities based on what a I read in a book and not using a woman’s two biggest assets: my common sense and intuition.

What men really want is to be approached like the complex human beings they are, each with their own unique personalities.

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