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Video: Help! A Psychic Told Me I Will Never Get Married

Dear Virginia,

I am haunted by the words a psychic told me years ago, she said that I will never get married. I would like to get her words out of my mind but I can’t forget them, especially when my relationships keep not working out.  ~Shirley

This problem is more common than you would imagine. In fact, it happened to me years ago. I wasn’t told that I will never get married, but it seemed just as bad. An astrologer told me it would be at least 10 years before I had the opportunity to marry. His words really scared me and I felt totally discouraged.

In my book “It’s Never too Late to Marry” I share what I did to counteract his prediciton. I explain how you can use this kind of experience to actually become more positive about your ability to meet the right man.


I will never get married: don’t believe it, you are in charge of your destiny!

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