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Should I Marry Him? A Few Things to Consider…

Should I Marry Him?

Should I Marry Him?

If you are not sure that the man you’re with is the man you should marry, here are some questions to ask yourself regarding your relationship.

When you consider them, be as honest as possible with yourself and seriously look at the dynamics that are going on between the two of you. If any of these questions raise a red flag don’t just let them slide by telling yourself that no one’s perfect. You’re being given a clue that there’s a problem between the two of you that needs to be looked at and addressed.

1. Does he try to change you?

If he perceives something in you as a major flaw that needs correcting and continually calls your attention to it; you can bet it’s going to bother him even more as time passes. You want to be loved for all of yourself, and although you have quirks like everyone else, if he’s constantly bringing up a personal defect and making you feel bad about yourself, he is not accepting you as you are.2. Does he treat other people the way you want him to?

If you have a man who treats you with respect and kindness, but you notice that he’s rude and short with other people, it’s a warning sign. It means that the kindness he’s showing you doesn’t run deep; it is not part of who he is. It’s an indication that his good treatment of you is getting him what he wants right now, but it can easily dissipate with time.

3. Does he take your life seriously?

If you are with a man who doesn’t seem that interested in your day to day life but loves to go on and on about his own, be careful. You want your husband to be as committed to good things happening for you as he is to himself. You should be working together to create the best life for both of you. No one’s experience should be considered more or less important than the others.

These are just a few things to think about when choosing the right man to marry…more later!

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