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How Your Memories Affect You

weeping angelDid you know you could be held prisoner by your memories? If you are in the habit of dwelling on your past painful experiences with men, those memories can affect you almost as strongly as when they were actually going through them.

Your thoughts are constantly causing physical reactions in your body. If you don’t believe it,  just take a moment and imagine biting into a sour lemon – close your eyes and do it now — I bet you felt the saliva in your mouth increase and maybe your face even grimaced.  Your thoughts are that powerful!

Have you ever watched an elderly person remembering a painful experience that happened 50 years ago?  Tears come to their eyes as they feel all the emotion again as if no time had passed. This is because in the subconscious where all our memories are stored there is no sense of time.

Reliving you painful past experiences can harm your health and give your life a sense of heaviness and futility. Remember that what you focus on expands and I’m sure you would rather expand your relationships with men in positive ways.

Your past experiences can give you a sense of history and connectedness but they can also create a prison of belief or emotion that keeps you from enjoying the present moment and from clearly seeing the postive choices that are available to you now.

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  • Anne Orvedahl May 5, 2011, 12:36 pm

    Now this is the article I’ve been waiting for Virgiinia. I have been severly abused in the past and have had therapy most of my adult life. Today I saw my “new” therapist and we are hoping to help my mine and body and spirit of terrible past events. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a holocaust survivor I am a victim and SURVIVOR of sexual, physical, emotional abuse. I also have two grown children. Many past relationships have failed. The only ones I consider “successful” are the ones I didn’t get too close too (kissing to sex). A friend of mine just passed away and I had known him 13 years growing up in a sober community together. We never had sex although I wanted to at times. I swear the relationship would have ended badly with me on the bottom dying to hold on to my dear life. Instead I am able to mourn a somewhat way, remembering such good times with him. I know I project all my anger on a man who comes my way and most are smart enough to run. And that’s how I had been treated for so many years except I didn’t run, I couldn’t. I was trapped and vulnerable many a time. God bless my children because I know some of this crap transferred to them. Which just about kills me. So Virginia, I am 51 years young now and have chronic pain and emo problems but I also have a wickly funny sense of humor, am beautiful inside and out, intelligent, loving and not perfect. What do I do? Sincerely, Misunderstood

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