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How Do I Get Him to Commit?

A client asked me this question during a phone consultation. She’s 45 yrs. old, divorced, and had been enjoying being in a good relationship for over a year. She’s happy with her boyfriend and she felt he was her Mr. Right.

Her only problem was that they had hit a comfortable plateau and she longed for him to take their relationship to the next level. She wanted to get him to commit to her fully, maybe even give her an engagement ring. She wanted to say something to him for months but was afraid she’d scare him away.

She’d hoped that when she met Mr. Right everything would be easy and the relationship would just naturally deepen. That hadn’t happened and she didn’t know how to speak up to get him to commit to her.

Here’s my advice for her and any women in this situation:

Get him to commit: Just ask, it’s better to know the truth now, than 3 years from now!

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