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Guest Post: How Well Do You Receive Praise?

relationship helpHi ladies.

I’m on a 12 day trip to the South (Georgia, No. and So. Carolina) to visit family. While I’m gone I’d like to share with you a post by my frined Joanne Deck. Enjoy!

How Well Do You Receive Praise?

Many years ago I managed a department of about 40 employees. The department had a major backlog when I was hired, and the company was hoping my fresh perspective and human resources experience would help eliminate it. It took the work of everyone in the department along with several others throughout the organization, a new understanding of the work process, and about 15 months to get caught up – but we did it!

To celebrate, the team leaders and I held a party which included food (of course!) and a gift and personal recognition for each member of the department. It was a private event held offsite during which each person was asked to come forward to receive his or her gift. All but one person happily came to the front to receive their accolades and treasure. One woman, a particularly strong performer who had been with us for many years, refused to come up. After several minutes of coaxing by the entire team, she finally, painfully came forward.

If I had it to do over again, I would handle it differently. While I don’t understand her refusal to be recognized, I learned that we cannot force people to receive. She eventually took the gift but the neither the givers nor the receiver felt the blessing. The team leaders and I were so determined to show our appreciation, and she was equally adamant in her refusal to accept it, although what her specific objection was I never did learn. The irony of it is that her unwillingness to walk up, take the gift, and go back to her seat resulted in far more attention on her than if she had just complied.

People are so stressed and quick to find fault today. Let’s remember the joy of giving praise, sweet music to almost everyone’s ears. And when commendations come our way, let’s receive them with grace and ease.

Joanne M Deck,
CWC Wellness Consultant

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