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Getting Over a Break up: Are you Still in Love with Him?

Nancy wrote:

“I am still in love with an old boyfriend who broke up with me years ago. I just found out he’s married. I feel even worse than before, what can I do?”

It’s the most painful thing in the world to see the man you love become involved with another woman; and it’s doubly hurtful if he then marries her. It’s like putting the last nail in coffin of your dream of getting him back.

Getting over a break up takes time, but you say you’ve been holding on to his memory for years and you’re still thinking about him. There comes a time when you have to face reality and take care of yourself and your feelings.

Getting over a break up: there comes a time when you have to let go.

We all have selective memory about our past; it’s a part of human nature.  Since you are single and unattached, it’s natural for you to look back with longing to the time when you were in love and part of a couple. But, you have to believe you can have that again.

Getting over a break up and moving on is the only way for you to bring love back into your life. You deserve to be with a man who wants to be with you, a man who can be part of your daily experience.

The truth is that your old boyfriend is married, and the Universe or God (or whatever word works for you) is giving you a message: it’s time to move on.

He has a made a choice for his life and if you truly love him, you will honor that.

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