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Getting Married After 40: Lucky You!

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Growing up in America is taking longer than it did in the 1970’s. Kids used to be up and out of their parent’s homes at 17 or 18; now kids are living with mom and dad well into their 20’s.

So it’s not surprising that the age for getting married and having children has also been pushed ahead; woman and men are waiting longer to marry and start families.

There are major benefits to marrying later in life. If you’re single and feel you’ve missed the boat after 40, it’s not true!

Here are a few great reasons that getting married after 40 rocks!

1. You’ve learned that “this too shall pass”
By the time you reach 40 you’ve been through many of life’s highs and lows. You’ve had times of celebration and times of mourning and regret. When you’re young it feels that heartbreak will last forever, but now you know that’s not the case and the one thing you can count on is change. Yes, this too shall pass.

2. You no longer care so much what other people think.
This is the freedom that comes with maturity. After 40 you are more willing to take greater risks and be more adventurous with your choices of life style and the men you date. Your family and friend’s no longer have as strong influence over your thinking, making it easier for you to be clear about what is truly your heart’s desire for you life.

3. You’re finally more comfortable in your own skin
When you’re young you tend to place a great deal of emphasis on physical appearance. That doesn’t go away, but it does become a less important factor in how you define your worth and the worth of a man. You’re more accepting of your “imperfections” so your judgements are no longer so black and white.

These are a just few reasons why marrying after 40 rocks. If you need more, read my book “It’s Never too Late to Marry” for new insights. I guarantee you’ll have new hope for your future.

We’re not born knowing how to create great relationships and lasting marriages, that comes through the combination of time and experience. Here’s my advice: appreciate what you’ve gone through, learn from your mistakes and never give up on your dream of getting married.

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