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Finding Mr. Right Using Visualization

finding mr. right, visualizationI had the pleasure of meeting a truly inspiring man at a speaking event several years ago. His name is Ruben Gonzales, and he has competed in the winter Olympics three times. It was his childhood dream, although he was never an athlete in school and had never trained in any sport. Growing up he could think only of participating in the games, but he had no idea how. He collected anything that had to do with the Olympics and repeatedly visualized himself walking in the opening ceremony and running with the Olympic torch through the streets.

At the age of 21(!), he decided it was time to make his dream come true. Everyone thought he was crazy. He knew he had none of the athletic skills needed to compete and was already considered too old to start. He looked into all the various events available and came upon the luge. Ruben realized he could probably learn to lie back in a sled and speed down a hill at 80 miles an hour!

He was allowed to enter the competition, coached by one of the top luge trainers, only because he happened to be born in Argentina, a country that had never been represented in that sport. He went on to compete in three Olympic games, and was an amazing 38 yrs old in his last race. Ruben walked proudly in three opening ceremonies, was chosen to carry the torch through the streets, and was considered a perfect example of the true Olympic spirit. It had all come about just as he had visualized.

I share this story with you because there no better example of the power of visualization and what the subconscious mind can create. Visualization should be a technique you use for finding Mr. Right and creating the romance you want in your future.

Because the subconscious does not recognize the difference between what you’re thinking and what’s real, if you keep a picture in your mind of finding Mr. Right and what you want to create, your mind will actually bring that experience to you. Every time you allow yourself to picture a wanted outcome, it acts like a magnet to pull in your desired future.

When you visualize it is important to be clear about what you want. Take time each day to imagine what finding Mr. Right would feel like, what it would be like to be with him. If you keep the vision strong and consistent, experiences will start showing up in your life to support the outcome you desire.

Visualizing isn’t a new idea but it is hard for most of us because we’re too busy, too lazy, or we just don’t believe it can work. I encourage you to visualize the desired outcome of finding Mr. Right for 30 days. The extra benefits of taking the time to do this will show up as new experiences in your life and you’ll begin to feel better about your future.

For the next 30 days I will be doing my own visualization (on a different topic) every day and I hope you will do it along with me. Let me know how it’s going for you.

Happy visions!

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