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Date to Marry: Finding the Good Men

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Do you always date bad boys?  Are you longing to date a good man but the bad boys are the only men you seem to attract?

If you find yourself constantly attracting the bad boys, it’s because you’re attracted to them! I know they seem to be more exciting and interesting than good men, but if you are looking for marriage, they’re not a good bet.

Bad boys are hard to ignore, they tend to stand out in a crowd. They blind you to the good men around you. The good ones are there, but you have to learn how to look for them. You need to study how they act and how they treat women so you can recognize one when you see them. You have plenty of good men to observe in your life; they’re a family member, a fellow worker, or married to your friends.

Here’s something else you can do to find the good men. I bet you have a list of all the wonderful qualities you’re looking for in a husband. I imagine your list includes qualities such as honesty, kindness and loyalty. Well, every time you get involved with a bad boy it’s like you’re ignoring your list and compromising on what you really want in a man. It’s saying that your list doesn’t really matter.

If you want to meet a good man, you have to get back to your list and follow it! There are available good men everywhere, you just have to train yourself to recognize one when you see him. Don’t waste your precious time dating bad boys, save yourself for the good men.

If you want to get married, good men are the only way to go.

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