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Breaking Up With Someone Is an opportunity to go Deep

breaking up with someoneI’m surrounded by women who’re going through or have just gone through a break up. Breaking up with someone at least once in your life is inevitable. There’s nothing that hurts the heart in quite the same way as losing a man and the dreams you held for him. I’ve been through more than my share but as I went along it did get easier.

Healing from heartbreak takes time, but it also forces you to dig deep into yourself so you can heal. You need to call on your inner strength, even if at this time when you might feel you have none.

We all have the ability to “overcome” breaking up with someone. There’s something special within you,  an inner spirit that has helped you get over your obstacles in the past — and will be there for you in the future.

You might feel that somehow you just can’t make it through this break up, but the
strength is within you. It has always been there but it gets lost through the accumulation of life experience. It’s forgotten but not diminished in anyway.  It’s the spirit that made you cry out as a baby when you came into this world.

Breaking up with someone is a challenge and sometimes it can be that everything goes wrong at the same time; you lose your job, a dear friend is diagnosed with cancer, your dog runs away.

The gift of breaking up with someone is that it can make you go deeper inside than you’ve ever been

If you lose a man, a job, or a dog, you may feel totally powerless and lost. But it’s at these times you can call on the spirit inside to help you; that primal will to survive that made you cry out with your first breath. You have it within to overcome; you just have to dig deep.

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