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I Can Get You Where You Want To Be — Married To The Absolute Right Man For You!

Stop Letting Life Go By Without The Partner You’ve Dreamed About Beside You.



  • You can’t find a good man or you have one, but he won’t commit.
  • You repeat patterns that keep leading to painful breakups.
  • You feel unworthy and just can’t be yourself around men.
  • You worry you would sabotage the relationship if you met the right man!

These are some of the challenges you may be facing as you search for true love and  commitment. Your situation is unique and requires its own solution. I believe there are no rules that fit everyone.

To help you, I have created my “Attract the Love of Your Life Breakthrough Session,”  a $197 value but offered to you at no cost. I make a very limited number of these sessions available every month. You can find out about how to apply for your session in my complimentary newsletter or you can fill out the form at bottom of the page.


Since the VIP day with Virginia I have had the most beautifully calm week of my entire life. I have felt remarkably more settled and comfortable with myself. By trusting Virginia, I have been greatly rewarded with access to her extraordinary depth of knowledge, and very healthy, professional application of her effective skills, and genius.  Even my sister-in-law commented I am more self-assured! I was able to let go of an old boyfriend for good, and now I am excited to meet the man who’ll be my perfect partner. ~Angela R., Austrailia

 “I was suffering through the most intensely painful relationship I’d ever been in. I fell helplessly in love with a man I was needy and anxious around.  With Virginia’s help I was able to find my confidence and finally be myself with a man. Virginia is the best coach I’ve ever had…working with her is one of the best investments in myself I have ever made. ~Bethany Peterson, N.Y.C.

“I felt like I was born with a curse or fated to experience only unrequited love. I would attract narcissistic partners who always put themselves first and not give back as much as I gave. I felt frustration, disappointment and over all disheartenment.  I now feel empowered and I don’t feel cursed anymore. I am happy in a relationship for the first time!”~G.S. Los Angeles

“You helped me get over heartbreak by helping me see clearly how I was being treated, figure out what was truly important to me, and become more confident and more in tune with myself. You’ve opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and I’m approaching situations and seeing men with a new mindset. You were a force of strength and peace during a hard time in my life. Thank you!” ~ Sumi, Washington, D.C.

“Unresolved feelings from past relationships had kept me stuck and unable to move forward into a new and healthy relationship. After working with Virginia I met and  have begun a relationship with someone wonderful and just right for me.”~T.W. MFT, PHD, Los Angeles

“In the short time I’ve been working with Virginia I have all ready started seeing some dramatic shifts in my life. In our sessions, I always feel heard by her and she keeps me accountable for my own growth by assigning me “homework.” I would recommend Virginia’s services to anyone looking for someone to help them make positive changes in her life.” ~P. B. Orlando, FL

“When I talked to Virginia I was at a true crossroads: my question was: Do I stay in LA and plug away at my goals or do I move to New York and try a new career? I received my answer to go to New York in one session. I now have a new wonderful job; and as a bonus, I met an incredible man who is now my husband. And were expecting our first baby in April! I believe that my session with Virginia facilitated this major change in my life. I will always be grateful for what she gave me that day.”~F.L. Scarsdale, N.Y.

If you are interested in finding out more about the “Attract the Love of Your Life Breakthrough Session” contact us here:

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Coaching FAQ

Q: This program sounds good, but I’m so busy it will be hard for me to find the time to do it.

A: I work with almost nothing but busy, successful women who are still single but want to be married. Together, we will find a way. We can figure out what works best for you to fit the program into your life because, really, isn’t this just as important as your career, if not more so?

Q: What makes you different from all the other relationship coaches out there?

A: The biggest difference is YOU. I approach you as the unique individual you are and not using a generalized, cookie-cutter formula that covers a vague categories of women who may or may not be ‘like’ you. Our work together is only about you Who you are, your life and your experiences is what I work with to help you uncover all the wonderful things you are that have been covered up or forgotten over time and help put you back on track to having a loving, successful marriage.

Q: This seems like a big commitment and expensive. Can’t this be done faster, in a couple of sessions?

A: In a word, no. In fact, no way. It has taken you your whole life to create the world you live in and there is no ‘silver bullet’ that is going to make some rather profound changes in your thinking in an hour or two. That kind of process means taking the time to do it right. Plus, you will be surprised at how interesting, engaging and, yes even fun (!), that process will be.