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Why Do I Always Date Bad Boys?

This is the most common problem women present to me when they come for help — why do I always get involved with bad boys? Their stories are different but they all contain the same elements of disappointment and pain.

If you don’t what’s driving you into getting involved with bad boys you won’t be able to help yourself.

Bad boys have one thing in common: they will break your heart.

If you are attracted to and date bad boys it’s because you have a subconscious pattern that compels you pick this kind of man.

Some of them will hurt you on purpose, and some bad boys are just built that way. Actually, a bad boy can be as unconscious of his behavior patterns as you are of yours.

You have to get at your “subconscious programming” and find out what it is triggering your attraction to bad boys. Once you find that out, and become consciously aware of the inner thoughts and beliefs that have been running your romantic life, things will change.

Bad boys will no longer be on your radar and you’ll begin to see that good men are everywhere.


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