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The Truth About Soul Mates

the truth about soul matesI’ve never referred to my husband as my ‘soul mate.’ and here’s why.

When I was younger, I was carried away by the romantic idea of meeting my soul mate. I devoured books and movies about people falling in love and knowing they had found their “other half.” I longed to have that same experience. I imagined that somewhere, there was a man who was right for only me.

As I grew older and had a few serious relationships behind me, I began to realize that this “ideal” of finding my soul mate might not be what I was I was led to believe.

With each new relationship, especially in the “infatuation phase,” I believed I’d met my soul mate. But a soul mate isn’t a perfect person; we’re all just human after all, with faults and weaknesses. So when a relationship would end, I’d be bitterly disappointed. I began to doubt whether soul mates were even real or if  I was capable of recognizing one when he showed up.

I had to re-think my idea of  what a soul mate is. I’d been giving the men I fell for a special status in my life, one that was completely unrealistic. I expected him to live up to a romantic ideal that no one could live up to, myself included.

Here’s what made sense to me — every person you meet is your soul mate! 

We all have souls. Therefore we’re all connected, whether as lovers, family or friends. Anyone you meet, even the sales clerk at the supermarket, is a soul mate. Everyone is a soul mate who comes into your life for a purpose and a certain amount of time.

Of course you’ll have stronger ties with some souls than with others. But when you spread the specialness of finding your one soul mate around a little, it will take the pressure off.

Accept that every person you meet has a connection to your soul. Acknowledge their importance in your life, for whatever reason and for the lesson that they have for you.

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