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Subconscious Patterns: How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

subconscious patternsTake a look at the patterns in your life…

  • Do you put off doing things you don’t want to do or do you take care of things right away?
  • Do you put other people’s needs in front of your own or you take care of yourself first?
  • Do you look outside of yourself for validation or do you avoid judgment at all costs?

How you show up in your relationships will be reflected in the other areas of your life. If you have a poverty mentality around money, you might have that same mentally when it comes to love. You might think that love is limited to others, that there’s not enough to go around and that love is dependent on someone outside yourself giving it to you.

When you change your beliefs for the better in one area of your life it will affect all areas; many times in ways you never expected.

Your patterns of behavior are ingrained in your subconscious mind, making it difficult for you to see what your subconscious patterns are. We all have blind spots when it comes to seeing ourselves objectively.

Look around at some of your friends, can you see their subconscious patterns reflected in the way they approach their lives? I bet you have some friends you just want to take by the shoulders and shake saying, “Look at how you’re causing all this trouble for yourself!”

How do you change your unwanted behavioral patterns? You have to identify what beliefs are sabotaging your happiness; which patterns are negatively affecting your bank account, your health and especially your relationships.

One of my early relationship patterns was to give away my power when I fell in love. I was a pushover, afraid to speak up and clinging on to every drop of love a man was willing to give me. I handled my finances at that time in the same way. I clung on to every dollar as if I would never make another and I was afraid to spend my money to help myself because I didn’t feel my well-being was that important.

When my hypnotherapy mentor helped me finally see the subconscious patterns of ‘lack’ that was running my life, I was able to change it and bring in more money and more love.

Reflect on how you do things and identify your subconscious patterns.

Do you put yourself last and avoid doing the work you need to do to fulfill your desires? If this question makes you hesitate at all it’s a sure sign you have a subconscious pattern holding you back.

Make it a priority to address the patterns that hold you back from what you truly want for your life — be it an abundance of love, wealth or happiness.

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