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Are you a smart and caring single woman who is ready for lasting love?

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It may be a life-long dream, or an idea you’ve finally embraced after years of being single — whatever your situation — I bet somewhere in the depths of your mind you have a nagging, desperate feeling that marriage is never going to happen for you.

I know exactly how you feel.

I was single into my early 50’s — and an expert on being needy and desperate — but I changed all that. I’ve been married to the love of my life now for 15 years and I can help you do the same.

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From the Blog

Do You Have Room For Love In The New Year?

Do you have room for love in the new year?Unless we make room for love in our lives, which means making love a priority, it will stay a distant stranger.

I know this because I recently went through a period where I forgot about love and ended up with fear taking over my thinking.

When I realized how unhappy I was, and recognized I felt hopelessness when I should be feeling empowered, I knew something was wrong. Something was out of balance in my life but I didn’t know what.

We all have “down times.” And when we do we need to pay attention to what our feelings are telling us. For me, I became aware that something was invading my thoughts and making me doubt my life.

Where had my confidence and sense of myself gone? Why had my faith in the rightness of my life disappeared? What happened to my belief that everything was unfolding in the best way possible?

It turns out my faith in myself and the rightness of my life had been hijacked! I was invaded by an outside force, something that wasn’t an organic part of me or my thinking.

It had taken over and filled my space for love with self-recrimination and blame. What the hell was going on?

Then it hit me while walking the dog.

The Internet had invaded my life and infected my brain! I had let Continue>>>

How To Stop Dreading The Holidays

dreading the holidaysAre you dreading the holidays? You feel the all too familiar pressure of trying to be jolly as a wave of sadness fills your heart. You can’t help but think, “Oh please not another holiday without someone to love at my side!”

Here it is again, another year has passed and you’re alone. But actually, you’re not.

They’re 28 million single women over 35 in the US and many of them are feeling just like you. They’re hearts are heavy at the thought of what’s coming.

You may relate to my client Sammie. Sammie’s 45 and she’s dreading the holidays. She’s going to her family gathering this year, once again, without a partner at her side. Of her 4 siblings, she’s only one single and without children. To her dismay, every year her parent’s house is filled with more children and less adults.

She knows her family is sensitive to her situation, each person has their own opinion as to why she is alone year after year.

Whether they feel embarrassed for her or even compassion, none of it feels good. What hurts Continue>>>

Negative Thoughts That Sabotage Your Relationships

sabotage your relationshipsIt’s not unusual to have negative thoughts about men, many women do. It’s one of the most prevalent ways to sabotage your relationships.

If you’ve been through a bad break-up, had a man cheat on you or lie about himself, you may have built up resentments about men that you’re not even be aware of.  You may have absorbed judgments about men in your childhood as you listened to women around you complain about them, or you may have picked up reasons to bash men by watching TV and films.

Your thoughts about men will influence your relationships. If you harbor negative ones they will hurt your ability to build a close and intimate bond.

Do any of these “feel” familiar?

1.  Men always leave.
2.  Men can’t be faithful.
3.  Men always lie.
4.  Men just want sex.

The negative thoughts you tell yourself are destructive and they will create a barrier to love. You will find they get triggered when you hit a rough spot in your relationship or when a man disappoints you — like not calling when he says he will. Your negative thoughts will add to your upset and fuel the fire of your anger. You will push him away as you react with more drama than the situation calls for.

When you think these thoughts they become your beliefs, and beliefs are not facts. Your beliefs are based on your past experience and what you’ve been taught. They have nothing to do with Continue>>>

When It’s Time To Leave A Troubled Relationship

time to leave

It’s not easy to decide when it’s time to leave, when enough is enough and to walk away. It’s especially hard when you’ve invested a lot of time and deep emotion.

I remember a particularly difficult relationship I was in where I couldn’t stop asking myself if I should leave. I couldn’t decide so I asked my friends and family, and literally any one else I could get to listen to my story.

All the input I received only served to confuse me more and I was unable to take any action at all. I shouldn’t have been surprised when he ended up talking the decision out of my hands and broke up with me.

I was so angry with myself for letting him take control that way! I learned a big lesson which I write about it detail chapter 7 of my book “It’s Never Too Late To Marry.” I call this chapter, “Listen to Yourself First.”

There’s a saying that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It’s sometimes hard to discern who is worth holding on to and when it’s appropriate to just let go.

They’ll come a time in your troubled relationship when you’ll find yourself asking, “How much more frustration, worry or sadness am I prepared to take in order to keep this relationship going?”

It’s not easy to end a relationship if it’s been big part of your life. And honestly, these relationships are always Continue>>>