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It may be a life-long dream, or an idea you’ve finally embraced after years of being single — whatever your situation — I bet somewhere in the depths of your mind you have a nagging, desperate feeling that marriage is never going to happen for you.

I know exactly how you feel.

I was single into my early 50’s — and an expert on being needy and desperate — but I changed all that. I’ve been married to the love of my life now for 15 years and I can help you do the same.

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From the Blog

Negative Thoughts That Sabotage Your Relationships

sabotage your relationshipsIt’s not unusual to have negative thoughts about men, many women do. It’s one of the most prevalent ways to sabotage your relationships.

If you’ve been through a bad break-up, had a man cheat on you or lie about himself, you may have built up resentments about men that you’re not even be aware of.  You may have absorbed judgments about men in your childhood as you listened to women around you complain about them, or you may have picked up reasons to bash men by watching TV and films.

Your thoughts about men will influence your relationships. If you harbor negative ones they will hurt your ability to build a close and intimate bond.

Do any of these “feel” familiar?

1.  Men always leave.
2.  Men can’t be faithful.
3.  Men always lie.
4.  Men just want sex.

The negative thoughts you tell yourself are destructive and they will create a barrier to love. You will find they get triggered when you hit a rough spot in your relationship or when a man disappoints you — like not calling when he says he will. Your negative thoughts will add to your upset and fuel the fire of your anger. You will push him away as you react with more drama than the situation calls for.

When you think these thoughts they become your beliefs, and beliefs are not facts. Your beliefs are based on your past experience and what you’ve been taught. They have nothing to do with Continue>>>

When It’s Time To Leave A Troubled Relationship

time to leave

It’s not easy to decide when it’s time to leave, when enough is enough and to walk away. It’s especially hard when you’ve invested a lot of time and deep emotion.

I remember a particularly difficult relationship I was in where I couldn’t stop asking myself if I should leave. I couldn’t decide so I asked my friends and family, and literally any one else I could get to listen to my story.

All the input I received only served to confuse me more and I was unable to take any action at all. I shouldn’t have been surprised when he ended up talking the decision out of my hands and broke up with me.

I was so angry with myself for letting him take control that way! I learned a big lesson which I write about it detail chapter 7 of my book “It’s Never Too Late To Marry.” I call this chapter, “Listen to Yourself First.”

There’s a saying that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. It’s sometimes hard to discern who is worth holding on to and when it’s appropriate to just let go.

They’ll come a time in your troubled relationship when you’ll find yourself asking, “How much more frustration, worry or sadness am I prepared to take in order to keep this relationship going?”

It’s not easy to end a relationship if it’s been big part of your life. And honestly, these relationships are always Continue>>>

Leaving Phoenix For Portugal Was SCARY

leaving phoenix for Portugal

Lunch by the water 2 blocks from our apartment

Sometimes you have to scare yourself silly. You have to put yourself in situations where you feel fear, trepidation and anxiety.

I know this because for 2 months this summer I was waking up at 3:00 am in the morning with a giant knot of fear in my stomach about the big change my husband and I were about to create in our lives.

It was a horrible feeling; similar to when I was an actress standing backstage on opening night, questioning why I’d put myself in such a terrifying position. I had to go on with the show, but what was I thinking?

What were we thinking??? Well, it was time to shake things up. My husband and I decided to take a big leap and spend a year overseas in Portugal. We knew only two people there but we fell in love with this beautiful and friendly country when we were there on vacation.

Making this move required that we rent our house furnished while we were gone. This is not for everyone. It meant that all our personal items had to be removed.

I had to go through everything we own and ask, is this something to store, throw away, give away or bring with me?

Talk about the stress of making decisions! I made hundreds of them, and then second-guessed myself so I had to decide all over again!

Making decisions is frightening: what if I make the wrong one? What if I give away something I’ll need or want later?

At 3:00 am I’d go through these things in my mind, should I bring this or that? Will everything fit in my suitcase?

More importantly I was afraid of being away from my family and friends and what if I lost contact with my coaching clients by making this big move?

Up until the day before we left I was afraid of this change. Yes I was excited too, but really, unlike my husband, I wasn’t sure I’d make this change without regret.

However, now we’ve been in our new home in Estoril, Portugal for two weeks and my fear is gone. I sleep through the night!

I survived and I’m ready to live our new life here and have new adventures.

I share this with you as an encouragement to help you face whatever fear you are living with right now.

All fear is basically the same; you can’t compare the worthiness of one fear against another. Fear is fear.

But fear is a great teacher, especially in our relationships. Pushing through our fear always makes us better people.

On the other side of fear is not only relief but the realization you survived. You’re in a new place and you’ve grown.

There will always be something to fear, it’s the human condition. But we’re stronger, more resilient and braver than we think.

Without being challenged by fear we would never know our greatness.
It’s time to be great!

Shake Things Up To Find Love

find loveLove won’t necessarily walk into your life if you only do things that are comfortable for you. To find love, it requires that you step outside your comfort zone and take a risk.

Lets face it, falling in love is a step into the unknown. Our daily life, with it’s routine and familiarity, can actually hold us back and hinder our search for the heady and exciting experience of meeting that special someone.

Doing the same things repeatedly and expecting a new result is insanity defined. So to get new results it makes good sense that you need to do new things. Shake things up a little.

They’re hundreds of ways for you to infuse your life with the spice of something new to find love. Just like a great cook, you can change the flavor or your life experience by adding some key ingredients. The things that work best are the ones that make you feel excited and even a little scared. That’s when you know you’re Continue>>>