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Are You Facebook Stalking Your Boyfriend?

Are you addicted to checking up on your boyfriend’s social media updates?

If you are facebook stalking him or constantly checking his twitter or email account, here’s a reality check.

facebook stalking is addictive: it’s hard to do it just once!

Your snooping might have started out innocently enough, by you just taking a little peek one time. But that gave you a small rush of satisfaction, a sense of false security.

Before you know it you’re doing it again and soon you find that you’re always thinking about it. In fact, every time you go on the internet your first thought is to check out what’s going on with him.

You can tell yourself that facebook stalking is OK, after all the information is there for anyone to look at, what can it hurt? Well, like any habit, it will get more intense and start taking over your life. It can hurt you, your boyfriend and destroy your relationship.

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