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Dating Advice: Can you date without intensity?

dating advice, couple with intensity and dramaDating advice. Do you crave intensity and drama when you’re dating? In order to give a man the time of day do you require that you “be thrown off balance” from sheer excitement? If you do, then like an adrenaline junkie, you’re hooked on a feeling.

I liken this behavior to being stuck in fast-forward; like running on a treadmill without a stop button. This kind of extreme emotion and volatility in your relationships will without doubt set you up for a fall. The best dating advice I can give you is that you’re moving too fast, and like anything that starts 0ut too hot — it will die just as quickly.

There are men and women who live for the extreme; it’s their choice and it works for them, especially in sports. But if you’re hooked on the highs of uncertainty and the thrills of emotional intensity, you won’t be able to create a lasting love relationship.

A great example of this kind of relationship is the play/movie “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.” The couple (Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton) are so invested in their drama, in playing game of one-ups-manship with each other, that all tenderness, love and respect between them is destroyed.  I suggest renting the movie as a great example of how not to behave.

You may complain that you’re a victim of attracting these kind of volatile relationships, but in your heart you know better.

Dating Advice: It takes two create drama and intensity.

If this is your pattern and you really truly want to have a wonderful love relationship and marriage, you have to turn down the volume. Slow down and breath, cultivate calmness and find a man who helps you feel safe and secure rather than crazy.

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