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Relationship Problems

Are You Letting Confusion Ruin Your Love Life?

If you’re getting more confused about the status of your love life as time passes, it's a big red flag. But it’s not about him, it’s about YOU. You’re probably asking yourself, “Have his feelings changed? Why is he doing that? What is he thinking? Does he still love me?” All this thinking is so just so confusing right? You [...]


This behavior is not normal and it's not OK. (You deserve so much better.) Just like an alcoholic denies their drinking problem, people in emotionally abusive relationships often default to denial as well. There's a common thread that runs through every abusive relationship — fear. An abuser of any kind is an expert at making [...]


Don’t Snoop, Don’t Assume And Ask The Hard Questions

Cleaning out old papers I came upon this short story I wrote 28 years ago. I was writing about myself but didn't realize it then. I had no idea that years later I'd be a relationship coach using my experiences to help other women avoid these pitfalls: don't snoop, don't assume and don't avoid asking the hard questions. When Bruce put his key into the [...]


3 Qualities That Can Save Your Relationship

It's common knowledge that kindness, honesty and respect are necessary ingredients for a good relationship. However, there are three other qualities that are often overlooked and are just as important. They can save your relationship. If you master these three qualities you’re relationships will have a much better chance of lasting a lifetime. 1. Open-mindedness. The [...]