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3 Dangers When You Don’t MakeTime For Love

make time for loveThere’s a big difference between being busy and being productive. It’s the difference between keeping your mind full of things to do and actually doing those things. It’s too easy these days to get distracted and jump from one shinny object to another. The trouble is that you don’t have time to take care of the things that really matter to you and you don’t make time for love.

You can busy yourself with work or you can busy yourself with facebook, the results will be the same. It takes effort and attention to love, whether looking for a love partner or being in a relationship. I have clients who are on a fast track at work — they have little time for themselves let alone for anyone else in their lives.

You can plan to stop at some point when the time is right, but having a busy mind will make it harder and harder to turn from the distraction. If you want to make time for love in your life, you have to tear yourself away from the to-do lists and make time for it.

Here are 3 dangers to watch out for:

  1. Time gets away from you and before you know it years have passed.
  2. Your disconnect from your intuition because you stop going inside.
  3. You become so preoccupied with your present problems that you forget your dreams for the future.

Number 3 is a killer. Losing sight of your dreams takes away the essence of who you are. If your dream is to have a great love in your life, pursuing it will make you a better person. But if you don’t make time for love or your dreams life loses it’s meaning.

You have to stop the busy-ness and make you a priorty. You have to put effort into making what you want happen. You get very little encouragement to take time for yourself and to remember what’s important. You have to get quiet and just be with yourself.

Here’s an example of how easy it is to fill your time with busy-ness. I’ve stayed in two high end hotels — not only do they have telephones in the bathroom, they now have TV screens imbedded in the mirror over the sink. Taking a bath used to be a quiet time for self-reflection, a few lush moments to leave the noisy electronic world outside the door. Well, no more.

No wonder so many people feel overwhelmed with information. The sad thing is, the information is all from the outside, drowning out our inner voices.

You need to be relaxed to make time for love

There’s no way around it, the clock is ticking in all of our lives. Your can’t afford to not to make time for love, to stop the busy-ness of your life and remember what is truly important to your happiness.

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